Perfect Lighting For OASE's Swimming Pool

Club OASE | Paramaribo, Suriname

Established in 1951, Club OASE is one of Suriname’s top sports facilities. As its name suggests, it is an area which guarantees invigorating and refreshing moments in a pleasant environment to all its members and temporary guests. With several sporting areas such as swimming pool, children’s pool, gym, and jogging track, everyone at OASE can feel completely at home.

SEOS' team was granted the opportunity to implement a new LED lighting solution for its swimming pool. With numerous swimming competitions, water sports, and swim classes being facilitated throughout its swimming area, OASE saw the need to improve its lighting. Throughout the area, SEOS implemented new LED floodlights on OASE’s historical electrical poles, With the implementation of this LED Lighting solutions, SEOS ensures top lighting performance and efficient energy consumption for many years to come. 


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