Useful for hotels, hospitals, schools, sports halls, industry

The Benefits

Hot water 24 hours a day

Works day and night, rain or shine

High energy efficiency

Estimated life of 25 years

High efficiency electronic expansion valve

General Information

Reduce hot water bill in your condominium, hotel, school, gym or industry with ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar System. The solution Eco XL is the latest generation in water heating. Uses a high-performance innovative technology that allows the user to benefit from a substantial reduction in water heating costs and getting a quick payback of the investment. You can get water up to 55ºC on rainy days or during the night thanks to its innovative operating principle. The maintenance of the solar system is practically non-existent. Only required to check the tank sacrificial anode. The solar system XL Eco does not lose performance over the years, always assuring optimal performance. The capabilities of deposits ranging from 1000 to 6000 liters, it is also possible to link together multiple systems to higher needs. The high performance of the systems also allows a reduction of the area of ​​solar panels compared to traditional systems.

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