Water is a valuable resource, so why use it to flush urinals?
Save water and money with water-free urinals

We know that you will love the simplicity of our water-free urinals.

Simple, Sustainable and Reliable

Advantages of going waterless

Zero water consumption

Our waterless urinal use absolutely no water, so you will save up to 15,000 gallons per year

No water spillage

Which are often caused by defective flush valves and vandalism

Low maintenance

Better Hygiene

Because there is no flushing the unit, there is no touching the

No need to replace defective or broken components

Less Odors

No vandalism

There are no external components that can be vandalized such as flush valves and pipes

Remote locations

Install it everywhere because the unit does not require any water lines to operate

Because there is no chemical reaction between urine and water

Lower construction costs

Eliminating the cost of installing water lines, expensive flush valves and other components

Brand your facility

Build Awareness

Because every unit can be supplied with a sticker stating that this facility is not using any fresh water to flush the urinals, therefore saving up to 15,000 gallons of water per year

We all have a responsibility to operate in ways that are beneficial to the business and the environment we live in

We have a lot more information on our product, so please reach out if you ever find yourself asking “how do waterless urinals work?” We will be happy to provide you with more information.

In a world of increasing water shortages, water conservation has never been more important. Regardless of your requirements, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your water conservation and restroom needs.

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