Lighting is an essential tool for business. We see the opportunity to make these systems as efficient as possible. 


Lighting Solutions

Lighting systems have been proven to be excellent mediums to improve energy efficiency. The benefits of using LED lighting has been proven. We are your one-stop partner for designing, implementing, and maintaining your energy efficient lighting system. 

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Get insights into your lighting system
Lighting Controls
Optimize your lighting system and increase energy efficiency
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Design, Engineering, & Planning
A well-executed project starts with a good plan
Developing Smart Cities
Using lighting infrastructure as a medium to make data-driven decisions
Construction & Implementation
Building the infrastructure and installing your lighting system
Supply of Lighting Products
Optimize your lighting system and increase energy efficiency

Our Turnkey Solution


Lighting as a Service is our way of providing the option to implement your lighting system on a service basis. We install and maintain the complete system without any upfront costs. For a fixed monthly fee, we make sure the lights always perform as required while you focus on your core business. 

Your current scenario

With Lighting as a Service, there are only benefits!


And this is how it looks...


Your bright future!


LaaS Fee

LaaS Fee
No Upfront Costs

We make all the upfront investments and maintain your lighting for up to 10 years

Immediate Savings

You immediately save on energy maintenance, and replacements

Future Proof

Off into a dynamic future with the security of an expert lighting partner


Our services guarantee the functionality and energy efficiency of your lighting into the future 

No Project Management

We manage the entire project and your focus on your core business

No Maintenace

Our approach allows you to keep your focus on your core business, while we take care of everything related to lighting

Why Choose

Lighting as a Service


is not about selling luminaires, but about guaranteeing efficiency and lighting performance! 

It's good for your business and the environment!